Take the leap: click apply and you're only a few steps away from touchdown here in Malta. A representative of MaltaJobs.eu will help you find work and make the move to Malta. Over 250 candidates have found work and moved to Malta under our guidance. We can’t wait to welcome you here too! Be sure to check out our Malta guide too.



1 - Send Your CV

Let us know your skills and experience, and what you’d like to do next.

2 - talk to us

To match you with the right jobs, we’ll chat more about your plans. Plus, it’s your chance to ask questions about life here in Malta.


3 - 1st interview

We’ll set you up with an employer (usually on Skype) for an initial conversation. Nothing too intense, we promise.

4 – 2nd Interview

Confirming a few more details and hopefully landing you the job!

5 – Offer Letter

Congratulations! You got the job. [Over 80% of candidates we send for interview receive an offer...]


6 – Details Letter

Your employer confirms important details such as start date, any accommodation offers, salary, and provides you with all the official paperwork you'll need pre-move.

7 – Arrive In Malta

Most employers set you up with a few weeks’ accommodation, giving you time to start work, settle in look for somewhere permanent.


8 – Love Your New Life IN MALTA!

Work hard, play hard, make friends, have fun – discover why Malta’s such an incredible place to work and live!