Join World-Class Tech Teams in Sunny Malta

Malta might not be the first place you’d think of for tech career, but there’s a surprising amount of Silicon Valley in this sunny island. Why? It all started with iGaming – gambling operators who set up here to serve European markets. Now the tech industry has grown and diversified, with SAAS operations, app and software developers, agencies and big brands running tech teams here in Malta.


• Hands-on technical expertise in app, software and web development or related skills
• Coding languages such as C++, Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, SQL and more
• Up-to-date digital skills, ranging from project management to marketing, QA to cybersecurity

Working Abroad
Gain your best work experience yet while taking on a paid job in Malta, one of the world’s sunniest and most beautiful destinations! Become part of a world-class tech team through an entry-level or if you're considering progressing your career in a new location. Why not be right here as the industry booms? 




300+ Days of Sunshine


Population 450,000


English Widely Spoken


30,000-40,000 EUR


Public Holidays


400-1,200 EUR

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"For The Tech Enthusiasts..."

Start Your Career In Malta  


Jobs Now Hiring


Frontend Developer

Build high quality, high performance visionary user-facing interfaces

Are you a leader? Designer? Programmer? Exciting opportunities await in Malta for those experienced in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Where between collaborating in a cross functional team of designers, developers and game artist, you'll be translating visual design and user experience flows into sound technical solutions. Take the opportunity to learn new technologies and work amongst the best agile teams. 

Key Requirements: 2+ Years experience in Web Technologies &- JavaScript - MySql - Knowledge of UX/UI - Microsoft SQL, 

Computer Scientist | Mobile Design | Java Developer | Program languages | 


Backend Developer

Create and evolve the next generation of web technologies

There’s a highly disruptive tech hub right here in Malta that will supercharge innovation across the globe. If you enjoy handling complex technologies and architectural infrastructures - PHP, FullStack, Java, Python and .Net.  Malta's offering enticing possibilities for the future in transactions, finance, gaming and eCommerce. Can you provide the leadership of an innovator, apply your expertise in Malta's fast-moving economy. 

Key Requirements: 2+ Years experience in cutting edge tools and technologies- .Net, ASP, Web API, C# - IT related degree or qualification

Sofware Developer | UX Architects | Full-Stack Developer | Designer


Digital Design

Conceptualize and design dynamic web pages, affiliate and other media assets

If you can construct clean, semantic HTML and CSS code? From UX flows, prototype mock ups to creating design specification across mobile and web products.  Malta’s fast-expanding businesses are in search for adobe suite designers, who can oversee the process of bringing eCommerce project briefs through design and build. 

Key Requirements: 2+ Years of interactive design - Fluent in Adobe Suite, CSS/CSS, HTML - Knowledge of Web Guidelines

Graphic Designer | Creative Director | Studio Manager | UX/UI | Web Designer


Data Science

Devise 360° solutions to large-scale data analysis and algorithms

Do you enjoy a challenge with big data, developing complex algorithms and cutting-edge systems? Look no further than Malta’s fast-moving tech hub. Businesses with innovation as their centre focus are in search for fresh perspectives to take on machine learning, and develop analytical insights to solve real-world marketing problems.

Key Requirements: Educated to degree level in Maths or Computer Science - Worked in a B2B/B2C environment - Knowledge of Big Data Statistics - Analytical Landscape

Data Analytics - Scientist - Engineer - Management | Big Data | Business Analyst



Security Engineer

Own-delivery, administration and troubleshooting of networking devices and  infrastructure

Malta’s increasing digital skills gap leaves business and economies vulnerable to cyber attacks. Fast-growing, tech firms are in search of professionals to improve their technical implementations and advancing security infrastructure. In one of the many dynamic forward -thinking companies - with the possibility to create something new.

Key Requirements: 5+ years experience in security infrastructures - Networks -  Analytical Skills -  Cyber Security Consulting

Information Security Engineer | Chief Security Officer | Software Security

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Working in Malta is a lifestyle choice. Sunshine, culture, food and nightlife – you’ll find it all here. Malta’s loved by expats, with diverse international communities making up a thriving social scene. You’re never more than a few minutes from the stunning turquoise Mediterranean sea, and Malta offers more public holidays than any other European country, so there’s ample time to enjoy the sunny lifestyle. 



Malta a popular place to live and work. As part of the EU, citizens of other EU states can work visa-free. Most third country nationals however, may require a work permit. Our consultants are able to confirm all details and official paper work you'll need pre-move. 

Full details of visa requirements for all EU countries are available through the EU immigration portal.



MALTAJOBS.EU is here as your guide to jobs on the island. Start by sending us your CV, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with the right employers. With a thriving economy and 100’s of international companies on the island, Malta offers exceptional long-term career potential. Start today, discuss your options with us and we’ll support you right through to arrival and beyond.