How to Ace the Overseas Skype Interview  

Dreaming of working abroad somewhere like sunny Malta? Acing your interview is a big first step to realising that dream. But interviewing for work overseas presents a few unusual challenges…

First, your interview will likely be conducted entirely over Skype. Getting your tech right, and knowing how to make an impression remotely needs to be a priority.

You’re also pitching yourself not just as a new recruit, but also a new member of the local community. It’s critical that you show you can do the job, but also that you’re excited about moving country and setting up a new life.

Easier said than done!

So, to get you familiarised with the process of work overseas, here are a a few Skype interview tips to help turn your working abroad dreams into reality:


Initial screening, either by phone, Skype or email is used to assess applicants’ communication skills and fit for the role. Standard questions are raised to compare applicants’ strengths and weaknesses across the spectrum. Standing out in this selection process means making your case to elevate why you’d be the best fit for the role.

  • Be strong, direct and articulate – with no visual cues make sure you convey verbal confidence in your tone of voice. Write down notes if necessary of what you would like to cover, but take into account that you have flexibility.


Unlike the traditional process, where employers prefer to ‘known you in person’, abroad this is hindered by a less direct approach. Instead interviews via Skype are becoming the norm. You’ll want to prepare as you would any other interview, but bear in mind some of these specific tips too:

  • Stick to the schedule – Know the pre-arranged timings, and be sure to allow for time differences. Don’t be fooled: Skype can seem more informal than a face-to-face interview, but as the first initial stage, it’s all about face value impressions.   
  • Practise your Skype to-camera delivery – Video calls may make you feel a bit out of place. Pro-tip is make direct eye contact with the web cam and not the screen. Remember employers have conducted numerous calls, so presenting yourself in a more personal manner will earn you extra brownie points.  
  • Explain how you’d succeed – Show interviewers how’d you approach challenging situations. Building an image of yourself in the role and introduce ideas on how you’d take the business to new heights. Especially when employers expect candidates to hit the ground running.
  • Know your interview format –  Many companies use case interviews, encompassing hypothetical situations to test candidates’ abilities to problem solve. Particularly if you’re pursuing creative roles. And practice makes perfect when it comes down to interview skills.


Good news! If you’ve made it to the second round they’ve been impressed. In short, you should now have a better understanding of the company from an insiders’ perspective. This time round employers are looking for more insightful answers.

  • Sell yourself and your value – Dig deep, and establish your rapport. So you’ve got the skills on paper and the personality to match it. Make it the match made in heaven, by tying up loose ends. Focus on those transferable skills and determine why you best fit their company culture.
  • Ask questions and be curious –  Confirm the details, it’s absolutely reasonable to asks questions about salary, culture and opportunities available. Or day-to-day work and company goals. As your interviewer decides if you’re a good fit for the position, your goal is to determine if the company is right for you.


Congratulations you’ve got the job, plan your trip itinerary and get ready to discover incredible places. But don’t celebrate too hard, because remember:

Keep in touch – Stay on the radar, as there’ll be lots to plan regarding your arrival and start of work. Flights, accommodation, training and more: stay in your employers’ good books to ensure the warmest welcome!

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Kangne Pang