#GetHired in Tech: How to Score a Career as a Beginner

For those considering a full-time career in tech, great news: the sector is stronger than ever and hiring at a record pace. Vast career opportunities, ranging from database construction to frontend development, UX design and beyond. In fact, there’s never been a better time to begin your career in tech.

So you’ve got fresh skills in a tech specialism but lack the extensive portfolio of experience? Don’t let this overshadow your capabilities. Many rising tech teams are searching for entry-level talent to nurture: you’re already in demand!

But what says ‘hire me’ to employers? Simply submitting an application online may get you through the first stage. Spotlighting yourself as the best choice further down the line will require a more tailored approach.

To start your transition into the tech world, here’s a shortlist of steps to get you there:


  • Get your personality across – One size never fits all, so create a portfolio enthused with personality. Analyse the role you’re applying for and impress the employer by tailoring your resume and showcase you’re ready to face the job at hand.  

  • Highlight keywords in your resume – Make your CV’s easy on the eyes, hint at career highlights and success stories in bullet format. Employers are absorbing information at ‘high-speed’ – so grab them from the get-go.   

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  • Demonstrate you’re a team player – The tech culture requires a great deal of collaboration.  Whether you’re creating innovative designs, designing architecte or setting up servers, teamwork will be a fundamental skill founded on teamwork. Showcasing this to hiring managers, you should emphasise three key skills; commitment, thinking hard about creative solutions and flexibility to adapt.

  • Know your digital trends – Sharpen your knowledge on rising industry trends. Do you know what to expect? We know that artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics are the buzz words this season. But can you demonstrate you have the eye on the ball to future-proof a business.


  • Show you can hit the ground running – Today’s hiring managers are all about proficiency and hitting short-term milestones. It’s about mastering the internal process at the get-go. You should be familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. . But can you demonstrate a commitment to learning? And a willingness to pick up whatever new skills are needed to get the job done?

  • Live your passion – You’ve finally landed your dream job. This means you can now geek out over new elements and cracking the next code. The tables have turned – the search is over, but it’s time to buckle down.


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Kangne Pang