Top 5 Reasons to Work Abroad

Working abroad is an exciting prospect. Discovering new places and expanding your horizons is the dream of many, but only a few make the dream of working abroad a reality.

There’s lots that could hold you back from taking the leap. Leaving the comfort of family and friends can take serious courage. Planning the journey and committing to the call to adventure requires yet more resolve. But the rewards for embracing change are huge: an invaluable chance for personal and professional development, gain life skills and have an incredible time in the process.

There are so many reasons to work abroad. Yes - it takes more than planning a holiday, but undeniably it’s absolutely worth the extra effort. Here are the top 5 we think makes the strongest case:

  1. BOOST YOUR CV CREDENTIALS - 97% of expats working abroad in a paid position progressed into senior roles after the first year. New challenges always involve a learning curve, but skills you learn in a new role abroad can set you up for life.

  2. DEVELOP NEW INTERPERSONAL SKILLS - Gain a fresh perspective through intercultural communication on how to approach new challenges in the workplace. For global companies these core skills are valued as a key ability on working successfully with international brands.

  3. MAKE FRIENDS FOR LIFE - Discover new adventures with 100’s of other candidates across the globe. Almost anywhere you work, you’ll find an expat community (or at least an Irish pub!) so you’re never alone . Yes, there’s fresh air, sunshine and new scenery, but nothing beats creating the memories abroad with new people.

  4. EXPERIENCE FULL CULTURAL IMMERSION– As a traveller, you get to sample local culture. Living abroad longer term, though, you’ll enjoy a full cultural banquet. There’s something deeply satisfying about mastering cultural customs and living as a local. Working abroad enables you to get under the skin of communities. Why hold back on a whole new experience of a lifetime?

  5. EARN MORE WITHOUT ADDING THE EXTRA HOURS - If you’re flexible on where you work, salaries can increase significantly. In talent-short markets like Malta, for doing exactly the same job you can expect to earn significantly more than elsewhere. Ideal for saving and even supporting family back home.


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