Malta's Social Scene: Making Lifelong Friends While Working Abroad

Working abroad: it’s one of those ‘bucket list’ items that everyone “must do”. But setting up life in a new country can  feel daunting - a positive rollercoaster of emotions that comes with travelling into unknown territory..

For many, the overriding worry is‘’will I make friends?”. Fear of loneliness is a subject that hits close to home for all of us, and it’s a question we hear from almost every candidate we speak to. Its natural to feel this concern, and the hurdle of meeting new people can indeed be a daunting and challenging one. But creating new connections is one of the most enjoyable parts of travelling, and if you’re considering working abroad, it’s something to be excited about, not afraid of!

In Malta, there are endless opportunities for making friends. The mediterranean island is built on a community of expats, from across Europe and worldwide. Welcoming and inclusive, you’ll soon feel like you’re never alone. Take our word for it - we promise you won’t look back!

Here’s 3 reasons to feel confident that you’ll make friends and have fun when you’re here:

1 - Malta Boasts An Enormous Blend of multi-nationals

Language barriers are practically non-existent in Malta.  English is widely-spoken:88% of locals and the vast majority of Malta’s expat community. Malta’s mid-Mediterranean location has created a multi-cultural atmosphere that’s thrived for centuries. Now more than ever, with global companies including gaming and tech brands employing increasing numbers from overseas here in Malta, there’s a continual influx of professionals moving to the island. This mix of cultures is one of Malta’s best selling points. Living here, there are always  opportunities to interact with expats from all over the world.

2 - There’s loads to do with newfound friends: night and day

In Malta, there is no lack of cultural festivals and local events tot gather the communities. Malta’s thriving nightlife means you’ll never be short of a night out, from bars and clubs to big events and gigs. Best of all, there’s a social culture here - you’ll find colleagues are neighbours more than willing to join you in cracking a beer on the beach: it’s what life in Malta’s all about! Plus, with plentiful entertainment and activities to discover with others - maybe learn to dive, experience the prestigious culture,  chill by the waterfront or some new cuisine cuisines - there’s plenty to do with newfound friends.

3 - Community of Expats ready to connect before your move

You can start making friends even before you travel. Travelling solo can be daunting, so making a few online connections first is a great way to calm those initial nerves.. Online you’ll find many blogs dedicated to expat advice, many of which will help youestablish connections before your move. Remember, in Malta you certainly won’t be alone, so check out the  Facebook groups with thousands of members, and plan to attend local events and meetups. Start with these top recommendations; Malta Expats Community, Expats Malta and our very own MaltaJobs page. Before long, you’ll be establishing lifelong friends, and forging new connections with people from all over the world.

Big opportunities…

Find out more in our guide to Malta, then make the idea come to life with opportunities for multi-linguists, and in the tech and gaming sectors. Apply now to kick start your incredible adventure in Malta.

Kangne Pang