From One Expat to Another: What’s it Like Moving to Malta?

So you’ve decided you want that big adventure all your friends are talking about. Living in the picturesque photos, vented online. Stay with that excitement, because moving abroad is a big step to realising that dream.

This time last year our consultants were challenging the same thought process about Malta. Naturally you’ll be apprehensive, triple checking your flight times, the passport you placed numerous of times back in the same pocket. But we know what’s really going on your mind, ‘what's life going to be like here?’

So we’re here to offer full disclosure, from our very own own consultant (Chanelle Demanuele) - who knows Malta inside out - to wash out some of the greatest moments, and difficulties, when making your big move. But deep breathes, it’s all worth it.

Why should you move abroad?

Well, there’s a separate blog for that entirely….Here's Top 5 Reasons...

Adjusting to Expat Life - Learning the rules of the road

Everything seems new and exciting and you can’t wait to explore.  But many struggle when it comes to making yourself at home. It’s not as easy as it seems adjusting to life abroad. Culture shock can be part of the package, from figuring out the local lifestyle, to living in a new environment and making new friends, it’s a life-altering experience. But we know humans are social creatures and are made to explore.

What you can do? No matter your motivation for moving overseas, adjustment is the difference between expectations and experience. By researching behind the culture and lifestyle you are more likely to have a more effective adjustment.

"I think that adjusting to the island shouldn't be very difficult. Sure one has to get used to the size of the island and traffic sometimes but almost everyone here is English speaking and very friendly which makes it easier to communicate and ask around when need be. Also, the expat community is such a big part of this island that wherever you are it is highly probable other people are in the same situation as yourself, especially if you re working with an international company. this makes it easier i guess.''

Lessons learned

Reality hits, it’s staying present that counts. Think about how things are similar to your first day at school or University. It’s true, you’ll be a part of the bigger mix of cultures, sharing in different stories - but that’s the best bit. Total cultural immersion is about learning how to get round on your own and putting faith in yourself.  It’s all a step closer towards personal progression. This is great though right? There’s no growing into yourself without breaking out of your comfort zone.

"I'm Maltese so home is here, but a number of candidates I speak to mention missing certain brands or shops we do not have here, yet. They definitely do not miss the weather however!"

What you’ll miss back at home?

Remember - there’s going to be guilt trips leaving your nest for the first time. It may linger - but there’s quality of life ahead and you gotta aim high. There’s the obvious friends and family,  Once you’ve made it to your new location, trust me you'll realise there’s no place better.

 "What I've learnt from my candidates is that every country has its positive and negatives, and Malta is no exception and there are definitely things that needs improvement. That being said I strongly believe expats feel that the positives outweigh the negatives, making it a perfect location for people with different priorities".

What’s there to Love?

A new, unfamiliar environment is good for your brain - according to many psychologist. There’s a transition, but there’s the novelty of exploring. It’s the optimism and curiosity for something new, whether you’re travelling for a professional career or the passion for adventure.

"Living in Malta all my life, I fall in love with the beautiful coastal views every time, it really does contain the perfect blend of adventure and vibrant nightlife as described - many find themselves extending their stay for long-term careers with the possibility of added perks and great pay, it's no wonder it's a thriving hub for expats. 

..It’s easy

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